Welcome to the Klinker-Zentrale

For more than 30 years, Klinker-Zentrale GmbH has placed great emphasis on the best quality of the long-lasting and traditional building materials. Clinker creations in over 500 colors, formats and structures open up almost unlimited possibilities for designers to architects and planners. In addition, we are constantly developing "tailor-made" solutions for cladding specialists for the challenging property sector.

Our products

Dämmklinker®...heat insulating facades



The heat insulating clinker system is an economic measure for creating highly heat insulating facades; it reduces efficiently high heating costs and improves quality of life by generating an exceptional comfortable indoor climate.



Facade clinkerThe classic one

Clinker and facing bricks have been modern for years and that for good reasons. With our clinker gallery we provide insight into our extensive clinker assortment.


Thin bricksReal bricks

Clinker and facing bricks have been modern for years and that for good reasons. Clinkers are not only maintenance-free forever, they are also energy saving – and additionally there is a variety of colors and structures.

Real clinker bricks

Clay PaversFor your garden

Clay pavers are a natural construction and design material with long-lasting charisma. They provide, due to the colors, shapes and placement patterns, many creative possibilities.

Clay Pavers

Clinker for your living roomClinker for inside

With the new living area clinker system you can design the interior of your house on your own, p.e. living room, bed room, floor, etc. – with real clinkers!

Clinker for your living room